Episode 1 - iPad EPUB

Please note that this feature is experimental. We're looking for your feedback, so leave a comment and let us know if you find this version useful.


This file combines any audio, video, text and illustrations featured in the lesson in one handy file which is viewable in the free iBooks application, installed on every iPad and iPhone. It is a handy way to access all the information in the lesson in one place, rather than having to work with audio files and pdf lesson notes.

While there are huge benefits to this format such as easy to read notes, glossary functions (tap on bold words to see our definition and explanation), and the ability to make your own notes, there are some restrictions on the file type which are imposed by the operating system. For example, when you scroll through the pages you will find that the audio stops playing. We've tried to minimise these problems by providing audio segments of the lesson, but you can also "listen blind" with no transcript in the first section of the book.

These are standard EPUB files and therefore may play on other devices which can read the EPUB format. However, certain elements may not function correctly, including media files and the glossary function.

How to use on your iPad

Tap the download button and when the file has downloaded you should be asked which app you'd like to use to view the file. Choose iBooks and the book will be added to your iBooks library.

How to use on your Mac

If you use a Mac then you can also open this file on iBooks on your Mac.