1. Le français sous toutes ses formes - Answers


  1. Which other language gave rise to French?
  2. What type of language is French?
  3. What do Québec, Belgium and Switzerland all have in common?
  4. The figure “75 millions” is mentioned in the text. What does this refer to?
  5. What does the term ‘franglais’ refer to?
  6. LANGUAGE QUESTION - Can you find the 7 verbs used in the perfect tense in the text? Once you have identified these verbs, see if you can work out the infinitive.


  1. Latin.
  2. French is a Romance language.
  3. They are all French speaking, so are members of the ‘Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie’ (international organisation representing French speaking countries/regions).
  4. 75 million refers to the number of people who speak French (as their mother tongue).
  5. Franglais is the combination of ‘français' and ‘anglais' (due to the fact that France has adopted various English words/terms over recent years).
    - formée (former)
    - favorisé (favoriser)
    - développée (développer)
    - fait (faire)
    - contribué (contribuer)
    - adopté (adopter)
    - apparu (apparaître)