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Purchase a double season Gift Certificate for a friend. Choose from Coffee Break French 1&2 or Coffee Break French 3&4. Alternatively choose from Coffee Break Spanish 1&2 or Coffee Break Spanish 3&4. Process your payment and then you'll follow the simple instructions to send us the details for the Gift Certificate. You can choose the language and level.

Although the buttons on this sales page say "enroll in course", don't worry. You can easily purchase the course through our Academy system and then when we have the details we'll create the free signup link for your friend.

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Radio Lingua
Radio Lingua

The team at Radio Lingua includes language teachers, native speakers and host learners, making your experience learning a language fun and enjoyable. You can be sure that every course has been carefully written by experienced teachers to ensure you progress steadily through the lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who delivers the Gift Certificate?
After purchasing you'll provide us with the Name and Email Address of the recipient. You will choose the language and level and then we'll deliver the Gift Certificate and the special link to you so that you can then forward this on the date you prefer.
What if I don't know the level?
Don't worry - if your friend looks at the course you've sent them and finds it too easy or too difficult we can swap the course for them easily, as long as they've not downloaded any of the materials.

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