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The Coffee Break French Magazine is a 10-episode series for intermediate to advanced learners of French. Presented by native speakers Pierre-Benoît, Sophie and Katia and teacher Mark, each episode will present cultural topics and grammar study in an enjoyable way, allowing you to build your vocabulary and increase your range of expression. It is recommended that learners complete at least Coffee Break French Season 1 and Season 2 before taking this course. Each episode has two sections:

  1. Study of a text: Katia reads a text on a cultural topic and then together Mark and Pierre-Benoît discuss the language in this text, focusing on interesting points of vocabulary and grammar;
  2. Closing section: to end the episode, Sophie presents an additional piece of interesting vocabulary or an idiomatic expression which will help you sound more like a native speaker.

The audio episodes for this course are available as free podcasts on the Coffee Break Languages website. The premium course includes three exclusive elements for each lesson:

  1. Full transcript and notes: throughout the episodes Mark and Pierre-Benoît speak in a combination of French and English. Every word of French, either in the text or in the natural discussion between the presenters, is provided in the transcript. The transcript also provides notes on vocabulary or further explanations of what is covered in the lesson.
  2. Vocabulary list: we've listed all the key words covered in each episode in a handy document presented alphabetically in English > French and French > English to help you test yourself on what you know already and what you've learned in each episode.
  3. Exercises: check your understanding of the various grammar points covered in each lesson with our exercises. We've also provided an answer key to help you check your work.

Please note that this is an on-going publication with episodes published every two weeks between 18 April and 22 August 2022. This means that if you decide to purchase the course you will get immediate access to the lessons which have been published at the time of purchase. All subsequent lessons in the 10-episode series will be made available on the date listed in the schedule.

Your Instructor

The Coffee Break French Team
The Coffee Break French Team

The Coffee Break French team includes language teachers, native speakers and host learners, making your experience learning a language fun and enjoyable. You can be sure every course has been carefully written by experienced teachers to ensure you progress steadily through the lessons.

Class Outline

  Episode 1 - April 18 2022 - La ville rose
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days after you sign up
  Episode 2 - May 2 2022 - L’apéro, c’est sacré !
Available in days
days after you sign up
  Episode 3 - May 16 2022 - La petite robe noire
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The Magazine is a 10-lesson course which begins on 18 April 2022 and continues every two weeks until 22 August 2022. Access to the resources for each lesson will be provided on the publication date as listed in the course outline. However, once the course is complete, you will continue to have access to all resources for as long as you require.
Can the resources be downloaded?
The Magazine course is made up of audio podcasts and PDF documents. All resources can be downloaded to your own device. Please note that since the course is an ongoing publication the materials will not be available to download in bulk until after the end of the publishing schedule.
What level of French do I need to take part?
This course is aimed at students who have already completed at least Coffee Break French Seasons 1 and 2. Where grammar explanations are provided, we assume that learners have been introduced to the grammatical concepts covered in seasons 1 and 2.

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